Nutritional Labels – Prepared and Unprepared ?

The FDA has issued an order expanding labeling requirements from Food Manufacturers and Packagers to Restaurants, Self-Serve Stations and Grocery Stores.  All must start providing nutritional label information.  This is causing a scramble to comply.  Many of you are using automated reporting systems.  Food offered for sale must be labeled (raw produce and fish are voluntary).

A question comes up in your form: Prepared and Un-Prepared Label?

FDA uses the terms ‘as prepared’ and ‘as packaged’.  Now things start to make more sense!

  • Breakfast Cereal is sold ‘as packaged’ but may be served ‘as prepared’ with milk.  This becomes a second column in your nutritional label panel.  Add the nutritional information from all ingredients to determine the ‘as prepared’ column.
  • Cake mix –a more complicated example:  Your powder mix will have one column for its nutritional value -’as packaged’.  However the second column may include the sum of nutritional values for eggs, liquids, etc.., of the baked cake!

Try to avoid non-FDA terms like ‘un-prepared’ label and you will be fine.

And that’s your Nuggitz™ for today!


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