Good Maintenance Practice – Beverage Dispensers and Sugar Snakes!

Beverage Dispenser drain lines often clog due to the formation of “sugar snakes”.  Sugar snakes are cellulose polymer strands formed by microbes feeding on an abundance of carbohydrates (sugar) from the soft-drink spillage.  Drain lines clog with a foul vinegar-like odor and the product overflows.

Convenience stores, fast food restaurants and others are familiar with costly emergency plumbing bills to clear drain lines.

Your options:

Management must constantly remind employees to pour chemicals down the dispenser drains regularly to (help) avoid clogs.  It’s like having to remember to dump ‘draino’ down the sink after every meal.

A preferred maintenance option is the use of slow release drain-treatments.  These multi-function products provide a constant, self-measured amount of biocide and dispersant to keep the drains clear with minimal maintenance.  They are activated by the soft-drink flow itself!  The more soft-drink is spilled, the more they are activated!

Microbica Laboratory Partners, Inc., in response to customer concerns has prepared a simple Beverage Dispenser Drain Audit Kit (BD2AK™) to keep drains clear and document the results!

BD2AK™ includes:

a)     NoSnake™ pak

b)    Audit Swab

c)     Service Log

This self-Audit kit is customized for the number of  beverage dispenser drains in your facility.

For example: if you have 3 beverage dispensers side-by-side, but one common drain line, each beverage dispenser will receive one NoSnake™ pak.  The single drain line will be swab-sampled before and after each installation.  Samples will be returned to the laboratory for a full laboratory report.

Your audit form can be emailed or faxed to be included with the Audit Report.

Restaurant and Convenience store chains also have the option of having a portfolio report.  Then beyond ensuring each store is complying with policy, you can compare multiple store results and identify areas needing improvement.  Audit Reports are graphical and provide statistical analysis as well!

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